Health Economics and Outcome Research Solutions

Laser AI offers an innovative approach to enhance your systematic literature reviews. Our systematic review tool transforms the data extraction process, reducing extraction time by 50%. Efficiency like this is valuable for many purposes, including clinical and performance evaluation reports, pharmacovigilance, policy developments, in-depth health economic analyses, and outcomes assessments.

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Medical Devices Companies
A Laser AI image saying how Laser AI helps with "Health economics and outcome research. Post-market surveillance. Performance Evaluation Reports. Clinical Evaluation reports"
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Consultancies and Contract Research Organisations
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Government and Regulatory bodies
A Laser AI image saying how Laser AI helps with "Health technology assessment, policy development, health economics and outcome research and guideline development.

Case studies

German Federal Ministry of Health selects Laser after extensive testing and evaluation


saves on average
50% of time when compared
to a manual workflow.

Walker, Vickie R., et al. “Evaluation of a semi-automated data extraction tool for public health
literature-based reviews: Dextr.” Environment International 159 (2022): 107025

AI-powered research tools save time and empower policymakers and public health professionals to make well-informed decisions by rapidly sifting through extensive data sets. For health economics and outcome research, our tool contributes to a society where evidence-based strategies support choices that benefit everyone's well-being.

An independent evaluation by a team at NIEHS shows that LASER AI data extraction
module reduces extraction time by 53% without any quality loss.

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