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AI in Evidence Synthesis

AI in Evidence Synthesis

A poster advertising a live webinar between Laser AI & Nested Knowledge. With guest speakers from McMaster University and Mednavigate

Delve into the topic of AI in evidence synthesis with Laser AI and Nested Knowledge. With outside industry professionals, you'll learn valuable industry insights and how AI is being used.

February 20, 2024

Get ready to dive into some real talk about evidence synthesis with AI. 

We're excited to announce that Laser AI is teamed up with Nested Knowledge for a live-stream event. We've got Dr Nancy Hedlund and Dr Robby Nieuwlaat as guests, who will be speaking about their experience using AI in the industry. 

The Topic

As passionate developers of AI-assisted systematic review tools, Nested Knowledge and Laser AI are thrilled to bring you a conversation about AI in evidence synthesis and how it can help the healthcare industry. Our host and guests have been specifically chosen because of their experience in the industry and with each respective tool. As industry professionals, our collaborators' questions, knowledge and insights will provide a great understanding of AI in evidence synthesis.


Dr Nancy Hedlund: As a Senior Healthcare Executive, Managing Director, and Real World Data (RWD) Scientist & Advisor, Nancy Hedlund makes an excellent guest to speak on how she has adopted AI in her work. 

Dr Robby Nieuwlaat Is an associate professor in the Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact department at McMaster University and the director of the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology (GDCE) program. Nieuwlaat's expertise in evidence synthesis will provide invaluable insights.

If you're curious about what AI can do for evidence synthesis and your team, this discussion is for you. The event was held live on the 29th of February 2024, at 9 am CT on our YouTube channel  and is currently available.


Artur Nowak, a founder of Laser AI
Artur Nowak
Co-founder, CTO

Co-founder and the CTO of Evidence Prime. He helps the brightest minds answer the most challenging questions in healthcare through his work in the area of artificial intelligence, especially in the context of systematic review automation. Meet Artur at ISPOR Europe 2023.