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Era of Elements Begins: Unveiling Laser AI Hydrogen!

Era of Elements Begins: Unveiling Laser AI Hydrogen!

This webinar focused on the latest features of Laser AI Hydrogen as well as the results from our August survey Attitudes on AI in Literature Review Software.

September 28, 2023

Previously, in the Laser AI webinar series we were talking about whether Chat GPT is able to substitute systematic review tools and software. On the 28th we discussed the latest update to the Laser AI software, Hydrogen.

We focused on the benefits of using Hydrogen and how it enhances user experience through improved performance for quicker operations. It will introduce new features aimed at empowering users with advanced capabilities and making tasks more efficient. The updates to be showcased include:

  1. Quality Assurance Enhancement
  2. Customized Export Options
  3. Improved Stage Dashboards
  4. Enhanced Highlights Library
  5. Single Sign-On Integration
  6. Customizable Permissions

We also revealed our results for our survey we conducted in August about the Attitudes on AI in Literature Review Software.

We'd like to thank all of our participants for the engaging Q&A session.


Artur Nowak, a founder of Laser AI
Artur Nowak
Co-founder, CTO

Co-founder and the CTO of Evidence Prime. He helps the brightest minds answer the most challenging questions in healthcare through his work in the area of artificial intelligence, especially in the context of systematic review automation. Meet Artur at ISPOR Europe 2023.

Iga Czyz, the product designer at Laser AI
Iga Czyż
Product Designer

Product designer on the Laser AI team, where she strives to make the world of systematic reviews a little more user-friendly. Iga has a background in pharmacy and design.