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Watch our Webinar on "Literature reviews: Wanted alive."

Watch our Webinar on "Literature reviews: Wanted alive."

Thumbnail for Laser AI's webinar: "Literature reviews: Wanted alive"

Another webinar hosted by Evidence Prime took place on the 26th of October!Last time our focus was on the topic of the Living Practice Guidelines in Health Care. You can read more about this topic here. This time we  introduced the theme of living literature reviews.

October 26, 2022

Are the literature reviews dead if they are not “alive”?

Living evidence became an emerging concept as the amount of research being published daily accelerated, there is a need for continuous updates to the literature reviews and scientific evidence. A “living” review is a review article that is regularly updated. It is usually published online and with the recent developments of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the creation process can be automated.

During the presentation, you learn about what living reviews are and why we need them.
Next, our team discusses how Laser AI supports the creation of living literature reviews.

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What will you learn?


Artur Nowak, a founder of Laser AI
Artur Nowak
Co-founder, CTO

Co-founder and the CTO of Evidence Prime. He helps the brightest minds answer the most challenging questions in healthcare through his work in the area of artificial intelligence, especially in the context of systematic review automation. Meet Artur at ISPOR Europe 2023.

Jan Brozek, co-founder and CSO of Evidence Prime
Jan Brożek
MD PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Evidence Prime

Associate Professor at McMaster University, Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, Member of GRADE Working Group.

Laser AI's MSc Pharmacist, Ewelina Sadowska.
Ewelina Sadowska
MSc, Pharmacist

Evidence Synthesis Specialist at Evidence Prime. She is responsible for testing new solutions in Laser AI and conducting evidence synthesis research.

Ewa Borowiack, Laser AI's evidence synthesis specialist
Ewa Borowiack
Evidence Synthesis Specialist

Evidence Synthesis Specialist with 15 years of experience in conducting HTA reports, systematic reviews, and targeted literature reviews. At Evidence Prime, she provides methodological knowledge to the designers and the software development team.